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Eurovision 2012: the big... erm... six

UK: Engelbert Humperdinck – Love will set you free.

You know, I’ve heard a lot about Engelbert (what a name) but I don’t think I could name a single song of his. Thankfully there are still some things I am too young for. But that’s something I’ll never again be able to say after this year’s song contest. Despite the lack of Bombastic Red Army, this is not bad at all. I’m pretty sure we won’t be getting a clothes change (I should hope not), Engelbert will probably not be dressed in leather or do energetic backflips and I doubt he’ll be showing off his biceps. But this should definitely, definitely be top ten. And I’m always up for a trip to London.

France: Anggun – Echo (You and I)

An English song title, France? My, how the times are changes. Next Spain will be sending in a song that doesn’t have “conmigo” in the title... oh hang on... no, the times aren’t changing all that much after all. If you’re a fan of strange videoclips featuring men in ugly underwear and a woman in a corset, I’d suggest you check this out. But I wouldn’t really bother turning up the music. Though, who knows, it might grow on me.

Italy: Nina Zilli – L’Amore E Femmina

Maybe I have a thing for Italian ladies, but I love this song. Love it! Ms Zilli comes across as a woman who takes no crap from anyone, so I don’t dare say anything horrible. I wouldn’t want to be at the receiving end of her wrath. But this song... yeah baby!

Azerbaijan: Sabina Babayeva – When the Music dies

Well, Sabina, when the music dies, we all go home. There would be no song contest (well, we could do something with pyro and a wind machine but without music I suppose), no Azeris would have been kicked out of their homes to build a new stadium, a lot of money would have gone to other stuff (probably just in rich people’s pockets, so don’t worry about it) and I would be doing something sensible with my time instead of writing this blog. Moreover I’d have the three minutes of my life back I now spent listening to a faux-American boring ballad. So it’s not all doom and gloom, is it.

Spain: Pastora Soler – Quedate Conmigo

Dear god, I hope some uptempo songs come through from the semis or this will be one big snoozefest. I’m sorry. I’m sure it’s all very good and very ... whatever. I’d just rather something I can dance to. Well I suppose it’s better for the baby if I don’t try to do anything like that, so maybe it’s all for the good.

Germany: Roman Lob – Standing Still

Well. At least he’s very nice to look at. But after 41 songs, I’m sorry Roman, this doesn’t do anything for me anymore. Excuse me while I put some Pet Shop Boys on before I succumb to a bout of melancholia.


( 4 were saying — Yeeeees? )
12th May, 2012 13:48 (UTC)
Englebert Humperdinck!!!! Awesome!!!!!!

(and yes, I mostly just love the name. heh.)
16th May, 2012 07:21 (UTC)

15th May, 2012 21:14 (UTC)
I was so ready to yell at the UK again, but this is the best they've done in I don't know how long.
16th May, 2012 07:20 (UTC)
Oh I loved Blue. I did. Loved it. On CD. And then they thought they'd turn Eurovision into "the Blue Show" and then... meh. But this, yep, who'd have ever thought I'd like old Engelbert?
( 4 were saying — Yeeeees? )

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